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Just fill out our membership form, email it to us or bring it to the club. We hold our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of every month, so come on in to the next meeting after you've turned in your application. Once the current members have had a chance to meet you, they'll take a vote to make sure there aren't any conflicts with our values or existing members. Once you're voted in, then you're responsible for any work hours or dues that need to be collected..and that's it!
We're a very easygoing group, but we do have some rules, which are outlined in our official charter/rules handbook, which you can download HERE.
We offer both single and family memberships (limited to spouse and minor children), in two varieties. First is the option to pay for the full membership dues, which amounts to $110/single and $125/family for the year. However, there is also the option to choose to contribute work hours to the club in exchange for a subsidy on your membership dues. If you choose this option, your dues are reduced to $50/single and $65/family, but you are expected to contribute at least 30 hours to the club throughout the year. If you aren't able to make your hours committment, then you are responsible for paying $2 for each hour short of the 30 hours. These prices are for the full year's dues and we do offer pro-rated membership dues based on the quarter of enrollment. The membership form has the full chart of pro-rated dues.
We offer a subsidy on our membership dues for members that choose to do some work around the club-- landscaping, maintenance, leading meetings, chairing groups. These hours are recorded on your Hours Worksheet, and (depending on your membership type) once you've reached your required work hours for the year, every additional hour counts as $1 off your dues for next year! Hours can only be signed off by an officer or trustee (or for specific cases, by the chairperson of the group the hours contributed towards).
You can get a new copy of the Hours Worksheet HERE.

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We are the Hubbard area's most active sportsman's groups. We strive to continue to experiene and protect the great outdoors and share these wonderful experiences with each new generation.